Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Conflicted" New Cover Reveal!

“Coexist”, “Consumed”, and “Conflicted” have all had cover makeovers done by
There will be cover reveals done for each book leading up to the brand new cover reveal for “Rourk”!

Here is the Second new cover~

Conflicted Links=


  1. What can I say, I did like the old cover but this one is WOW! Really like it! Will try to do a post on my blog about it at some point for you if you'd like?
    I think it's a very "grown up" looking cover and may get more peoples attention too. I think it will certainly draw the more mature reader more.

  2. The new cover is absolutely amazing! Great job. I think it will certainly draw some new readers your way also!

    I cannot wait to see the rest of the covers!